Metamark Bulk Pack Discount Codes


10 Meter Pack - 10 rolls of 1m x 30cm 

20 Meter Pack - 20 rolls of 1m x 30cm

30 Meter Pack - 30 rolls of 1m x 30cm

To order:

Simply add 10, 20 or 30 x 1m rolls of Metamark 7 or Metamark 4 (or a combination of both) to your cart as normal and then use the discount code per below

METAMARKBULK      (10 mtrs)

METAMARKBULK20  (20 mtrs) 

METAMARKBULK30  (30 mtrs)

This will apply the discount and will bring each roll down to $4. Any additional rolls will be at the normal price of $4.45.

Please remember to select the correct shipping option to prevent delays in your order being posted (ROLLS).