DTF UV Transfer Sticker / Decal (direct to film) - UV175

DTF UV Transfer Sticker / Decal (direct to film) - UV175

  • $3.85

DTF (direct to film) UV TRANSFER STICKER - UV175

Pre - printed DTF Decal / Stickers are ready to be applied, no need cut, weed, or use any additional transfer tape.

High quality print, waterproof and scratch proof.

Approx size of print 23.3cm x 10.7cm

Can be used as a full wrap or cut into smaller decals.

Trim wrap as needed. Avoid over lapping if using as a full wrap.
Run your squeegee over both sides of the wrap before removing the carrier sheet.
Start applying at one end - make sure your wrap is straight. Once you have applied you will not be able to remove and reposition.
Apply in small sections at a time, using firm pressure with a squeegee as you apply.
Peel off the clear carrier film.

* Hand wash only recommended
* Please note we are not responsible for application errors