Pastel Flowers Pink HTV - 50cm x 30cm Roll

Pastel Flowers Pink HTV - 50cm x 30cm Roll

  • $9.95

50cm x 30cm Pastel Flowers Pink Patterned HTV 

This amazing on trend HTV can liven up any item of clothing. It's unique design means it does not need a separate and fiddly transfer sheet - simply cut using your electronic cutter (don't forget to mirror your design!), remove the excess vinyl, and easily apply to your chosen garment.

 Application Instructions (heat press)

• Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds
• Apply design at 160°C
• Use medium pressure for 15 seconds
• Peel carrier warm 

 Wait at least 24 hours before washing

Suitable for use on cotton, uncoated polyester, polycotton, spandex, lycra, wool and linen


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