Siser Easy Puff HTV - Light Grey 30cm x 50cm Roll

Siser Easy Puff HTV - Light Grey 30cm x 50cm Roll

  • $9.25

30cm x 50cm Siser Easy Puff HTV

Light Grey

Siser Easy Puff is the new and improved Puff HTV that expands when heat-pressed onto garments, revealing a puffy / puff paint texture. Add dimension to your designs and create an exciting and fun 3D effect.

 Suitable for cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends, not treated or dye sublimated.

* Cut shiny side up (place matte carrier sheet on your cutting mat), mirror your image.

 Application instructions:

Pre-heat your garment for 3 seconds.
Place your cut design onto your fabric, cover (baking paper is recommended)
Press using a heat press at 138C for 8 - 10 seconds, firm pressure
Peel carrier hot


Wait at least 24 hours after application before washing your garment
Machine wash cold with a mild detergent
Wash inside out
Fabric Softener is not recommended

* We do not recommend using a Teflon cover sheet or Teflon pillow during your application
* Easy Puff is designed to withstand one heat application only. Repeated pressing will flatten the 'puff' effect
* It is not recommended to apply this product with a home iron
A small test application is strongly advised 

Siser application instructions can be found here: