Siser EasyPSV Starling (permanent) - Colour Pack x 10 sheets

Siser EasyPSV Starling (permanent) - Colour Pack x 10 sheets

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10 sheets  - 30cm x 20cm

Colours selected at random, and each sheet a different colour.

Elevate your crafting game with this flawless vinyl that's not just easy but incredibly effective. EasyPSV Starling makes weeding a breeze, letting you cut intricate details or bold designs effortlessly.

But here's the real deal  it's dishwasher safe for up to 80 washes (top rack only), and it's a warrior against the elements. Sun, rain, saltwater  nothing can dull its shine!

Make EasyPSV Starling your craft essential today and elevate your projects like never before!

Durability 3-6 years. 

Starling’s wide range of colors feature a matte finish with a select few also offered in glossy so you can complete all kinds of projects with the finest adhesive vinyl available.

* Allow 72 hours to ‘cure’ before washing