Light Textile Printable Paper A4 (printable HTV)

Light Textile Printable Paper A4 (printable HTV)

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Print your own designs and apply to light textiles.

High quality transfer paper for light-coloured fabrics

A white transfer / printable HTV for printing on aqueous inkjet printers, used to create unique designs for a matt finish fabric transfer. Easy to use for transferring photorealistic images or other graphics to dark-coloured fabrics, reproducing vibrant colours. Transferred images leave the fabric feeling soft to touch, as well as being optimised for several washes.

Perfect for transferring images to t-shirts for "one-off" events, such as children's birthday parties; hen/stag nights; youth adventure trips; short-term promotions in shops. Not recommended for long term use.

* To be used with Inkjet Printable Tissue Paper, available on our website


  • Light Fabrics must be a minimum of 50% cotton
  • Wash fabric before applying this HTV
  • Do not use an ironing board (a solid surface such as a wooden chopping block is recommended)
  • Do not use steam – empty the water out of your iron before starting
  • Avoid fingerprints before and after printing


  • Heat Press temp 170 degrees
  • Trim the image down, leaving a 3 – 4mm edge around your image
  • Peel the film from the liner and place face / image up on the fabric
  • Place tissue paper over your printed image
  • Use your heat press or iron
  • Leave fabric and printed HTV to cool completely before removing the tissue paper


  • Wait at least 24 hours after application before washing
  • Wash inside out
  • Do not use softener or bleach detergents
  • Drying – tumble dry on coolest setting
  • Iron after every wash to maintain excellent colours, always with the tissue paper (DO NOT USE STEAM)