Mixed Colour Pack - HTV and Self Adhesive

Mixed Colour Pack - HTV and Self Adhesive

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MIXED COLOUR PACK - HTV and Self Adhesive

New to Vinyl ? Or wanting to buy a gift for a loved one ? Then our Mixed Colour Pack is absolutely perfect.

This pack is a beautiful mixture of products, perfect if you are just starting out and wanting to try different products, or a wonderful gift for someone that already loves using vinyl.

Each pack contains a mixed variety of Self Adhesive, HTV, a Transfer Sheet, and an HTV application instruction sheet -everything you need - just open the box and start crafting.

 Each pack contains a sheet of the following:


Metamark 7


Metamark 4


Transfer Sheet

Siser Easyweed HTV

Siser Glitter HTV

Siser StripFlock HTV

Stahls Holographic HTV

* Please note, buying multiple packs will result in duplicate colours 

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